CAI must check the backgrounds of all employees and volunteers that will be working with or near service recipients. We must check the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation backgrounds and the Community Service Registry, we are not able to hire anyone whose name appears on the Community Service Registry or anyone with certain criminal records. Below are small parts of the pre-employment screening policy, for the full policy please click the following link:

Pre-employment Screening for Community Services Workers

Providers of community services...

  1. are required to conduct a search of criminal history records and OKDHS Community Services Worker Registry (Registry) prior to permanent employment of any community services worker; and
  2. must not hire, contract with, or use as a volunteer, a person whose name is listed in the Registry or who has a criminal background described in OAC 340:100 3 39(d)(1)(G).

CAI cannot hire anyone with the following items on their criminal background check:

  1. A waiver is not granted, under any circumstance, for employment of an applicant who has been convicted of, pled guilty, or pled nolo contendere to:
    • (A) a felony count of:
      • (i) aggravated assault and battery;
      • (ii) homicide;
      • (iii) murder;
      • (iv) attempted murder;
      • (v) rape;
      • (vi) incest; or
      • (vii) sodomy; or
    • (B) abuse, neglect, or exploitation of any person entrusted to the applicant's care.
  2. No waiver is granted for offenses resulting in a conviction, plea of guilty, or plea of nolo contendere to a felony that occurred less than five calendar years from the date of the request.