About Us

Community Access Incorporated (CAI) was established in 1998 to provide service to Oklahoma’s Developmentally Disabled population. Family owned and operated, CAI has a reputation of providing outstanding care, CAI will work tirelessly to ensure the health and well being of everyone we serve. CAI believes everyone should have a chance to live, contribute and participate in the community. It is to this end everyone associated with CAI will strive.

People with developmental disabilities are just that, people. They feel, dream, set goals and work to achieve those goals. CAI provides support, guidance and care along the way in achieving those goals. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone achieve a goal.

CAI maintains experienced staff to ensure persons with developmental disabilities have access to community services and opportunities that others enjoy. Community inclusion is stressed here, CAI works to integrate people with disabilities into their community, hopefully fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.